Eric Zimmer Dance Workout DVD

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The Dance Workout – dance fitness at its best

A fresh approach to exercise from a dancer's perspective.

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Eric Zimmer: Dance Workout is the latest in dance and fitness DVDs.

This program is expressly designed for those looking for new and innovative ways to improve posture and develop a strong, graceful body without sacrificing mobility and function. Created and produced by professional dancer and internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Eric Zimmer, this 45 minute workout promotes the core principles of ballet, Pilates and fitness, combining them into a vibrant blend of exercise and artistic expression.

Requiring just an arm span of space and simple equipment, ERIC ZIMMER: DANCE WORKOUT is highly adaptable and portable. Much care and expertise has gone into the design of this workout program, inviting both fitness enthusiasts as well as those trained in dance to reap the benefits of exercise in a stimulating and unique new format.

All levels and abilities will benefit from this workout and enjoy the results of total body fitness…from a dancer’s perspective!

As taught in the following locations:

Portland, Oregon

  • Bridgetown Swing 2013
  • Ankeny Street Studios
  • Viscount Dance Studios
  • Trainer’s Club
  • Lakewood Center for the Arts
  • Center for Movement Arts
  • Northwest Academy
  • Rumba Y Cache – Dance Company
  • Club Swing – Dance Company

Medford, Oregon

  • Evergreen Dance Center
  • The Firehouse dance space

Bend, Oregon

  • Dance N’ Play, 2013

Vancouver, Washington

  • Rose City Salsa Festival 2012
  • Rose City Salsa Festival 2013

Atlanta, Georgia

  • “Wicked Westies” Swing Dance Event February 2013

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4 reviews for Eric Zimmer Dance Workout DVD

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lovely recovery day program

    I’m an advanced level exerciser and normally focus on more athletic style strength/core programs (loving Rushfit right now). I wanted a pleasant recovery day workout that would be fun and relaxing. I really liked the clips for this one and decided to take a chance. It was a perfect fit for me. The instructor has a gentle demeanor and the moves feel graceful and almost meditative. I’m completely new to ballet so it took me a few tries to get the footwork but the choreography is doable even for a supremely “dance challenged” person like myself. This is a BEGINNER level program. The pace is relaxing and there are brief rests between sections. There is one section toward the end with little jumps (these could be easily modified) but otherwise this program is very low impact. If I could change anything, I would have preferred a little more stretching throughout instead of the brief segment at the end. Overall, I loved the feel of the program and hope the instructor has future offerings 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5

    This is the best workout ever. I was born to be a dancer, but I did not follow that path. Now, I can do this workout and feel authentic. This workout compliments my weight training and mixed martial arts workouts brilliantly. Thanks!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I never had the opportunity to study ballet when I was younger, but I imagine this program is very similar to an adult ballet class for beginners. There is no wasted time and the class moves fast. Eric uses the French terms for all the steps. As a senior, without dance experience, I was a bit challenged to keep up the first time through, but in a good way. This will definitely strengthen the lower body and improve balance which is very important to me as I grow older. Nothing was beyond my modest abilities and I felt taller and more graceful when I was finished. A very elegant presentation concluding with a proper ballet bow.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Wonderful ballet program

    I enjoy performing this program for the lovely moves that give me stretching, strength and long lean muscle. I enjoyed the music that was not the typical slow sound. It had a fun , lively pace. His instruction is good. I love the moves. The ballet program is a wonderful example of good solid technique and I hope he creates more programs ! There was only one spot where the camera man missed following his steps but otherwise the program is perfect!

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