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I have learned through much trial and error that getting fitter is about training smarter, not necessarily harder.  Achieving lasting results requires patience, consistency and a healthy respect for joints, muscle, bone and tissue.  I specialize in developing exercise programs for clients dealing with injury, pain or those in need of a physical “tune up.” These personalized regimens are designed to enhance muscular strength and balance, improve physical performance, reduce excess bodyweight and improve appearance.  I currently work with clients in their homes, in my personal studio or at a variety of fitness locations in the area.


    • ACE certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, 2001
    • B.S. Health and Human Performance, University of Montana, 1993
    • ACE certified Personal Trainer, 1993
    • ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, 1989

I offer personal training and group fitness classes in several locations in Portland, Oregon. Please contact me for further information!