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My formal dance training began in 1990 while completing a degree in Health and Human Performance  at the University of Montana.  I soon found the stage an exciting place to both challenge and express myself, tackling choreography and dance technique with as much commitment and resolve as I gave to bettering my body in the gym.  I continue to be passionate about dance and enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities, drawing on a wide background of ballet,  jazz, modern and social dance, including ballroom, west coast swing and Argentine tango.  I am available for individual and group instruction, weddings and special events.

Professional Theatre Performances

  • 2009 Evita –  Tango Choreographer / Featured Dancer with the Broadway Rose Theatre Co.
  • 2005 Chicago – Dancer “Fred Casely”  with  the Broadway Rose Theatre Co.
  • 2001 La Belle Helene – Dancer with the Portland Opera
  • 2000 The Mikado – Dancer with the Portland Opera
  • 2000 Paint Your Wagon – Featured Dancer ”Cowboy” with The Theatre Co.
  • 1999 Brigadoon – Featured Dancer “Harry Beaton” with Lakewood Theatre
  • 1998 Hello, Dolly – Dancer/“Waiter” with the Broadway Rose Theatre Co.
  • 1997 A Chorus Line – “Don Kerr” with The Musical Theatre Co.

Professional Performances

2005 – 2010 Willamette Apprentice Ballet  Corvallis, OR

Choreographed ballet, waltz, and jazz for the Willamette Apprentice Ballet and performed annually as a featured guest artist

2007 Lane Hunter Dance  Portland, OR

Danced under the leadership of Lane Hunter in the premier performance of local modern company Lane Hunter Dance in “The Beginning is Near”

2007 Blue Sky Concert  Portland, OR

Choreographed and performed a tango fusion duet in a showcase of local dance artists

1999 – 2005 Kinetic Images Dance Company  Portland, OR

Continuously engaged in performing while learning new works under the artistic leadership of Kimm Mahoney-Watson, a local Modern Dance visionary and instructor

2004 Tango Cabaret Seattle, WA

Choreographed for and performed during an evening of dance, magic, and performance by local and international talent in the art of Argentine Tango and Ballroom under the direction of international tango dancer Michelle Badion

2003 Tango Al Tiempo Portland, OR

Choreographed for and performed during an evening of Argentine Tango, conceived of and directed by international star Alex Krebs

2002 Nexxus Dance Showcase Portland, OR

Choreographed for and performed in a ballet/tango duet during a full-length collaboration of dance by new and rising artists in the Portland area

Dance Instruction – Private Lessons and Classes

I offer private dance lessons and group classes in several locations in Portland, Oregon. Please contact me for further information!