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The Anatomy of a Tango Dancer

The Argentine Tango enjoys a rich and multifaceted history, seducing each of us with promises of intimacy and connection. The body of a Tango Dancer will inevitably be put upon day after day, lesson after lesson, year after year, with steps and forms and classes and privates and many, many dances. The demands on the tango body require an adaptation to the strictures of its unique aesthetic while effectively communicating subtle signals of lead and follow.

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Anatomy of a Dancer: Warm Up and Cool Down

It’s tempting to think that dancing doesn’t require an organized warm-up or cool-down.

Arguably, the traditional social dance scene has been a staunch supporter of simply showing up and putting on your shoes – as a perfectly fine way to begin. A voice of reason would suggest, however, that as your dance challenges increase and/or your mode of dancing requires increased physicality, a graduated warming and cooling of the body is highly beneficial.

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