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The Anatomy of a Tango Dancer

January 20, 2014


Eric Zimmer, BS Health and Human Performance, ACE certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, and Professional Dance Teacher

The Argentine Tango enjoys a rich and multifaceted history, seducing each of us with promises of intimacy and connection.  The body of a Tango Dancer will inevitably be put upon day after day, lesson after lesson, year after year, with steps and forms and classes and privates and many, many dances.  The demands on the tango body require an adaptation to the strictures of its unique aesthetic while effectively communicating subtle signals of lead and follow.

Before tackling the task of being a great partner for another, however, it will be wise to first be a knowledgeable “partner” to yourself. Your body requires the proper care and instruction that supports optimal health, self expression and longevity. In an effort to peel back the layers of nuance and simplify all that you may have heard in terms of technical “rights” or “wrongs,” you can avoid conjecture and the proliferation of advice by learning about the human anatomy.

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